Design Services

Helping you every step of the way

The Office of University Marketing and Communication would like to help you develop effective, attractive and affordable print publications to support your department and programs.

There is no charge for design services. We use professional level software that is accepted by all commercial printers. You will be billed separately by the printer for printing your project.

Example of projects

Brochures, newsletters, postcards, booklets, flyers, posters, and more!

Project Contact

  • Quick overview of project and timeline
  • Director will schedule a concept meeting with you, graphic designer and, if needed, photographer

Concept Meeting

  • Discuss project in more depth and assess needs (who you’re trying to reach, what type of piece you need, define responsibilities, deadlines, budget and printing estimates/timelines)
  • Graphics artist(s) & photographer assignments based on above needs

Copy Writing

  • Because you know your department better than anyone else, we ask you to provide the copy
  • Copywriters will help “tweak” your copy, but it’s important that your copy be as close to final as possible. Your job will not proceed until final copy is provided.

Project Design

  • Once final content (copy, photographs, and other necessary graphics) is received, design will begin. You will received a first draft proof approximately 10 work days after final content is received.

FIRST Draft Proofing

  • Check your proof carefully. This is your final chance to make major changes to your project. Return proof with any changes/corrections within five work days. Any delay in proofing will result in a delay in production.

FINAL Draft Proofing

  • After receiving your first draft proof, we will make the requested changes/corrections within five work days. Minor changes are allowed at this point, but anything more will result in a delay in production.

FINAL Approval Draft (if necessary)

  • If minor changes are made on the final draft proof, you will receive a final approval proof within three work days. After approval, a graphic designer will send the job to printer.