Branding - standards, logos, and more

Our Pitt State brand resides within the hearts and minds of students, alumni, faculty, staff, community, and sports fans. No other university has a gorilla as a mascot and Pitt State is very proud to show off this nationally recognized symbol, the split-face gorilla.

Pitt State visual identity

The Pitt State Brand Standards Manual is a guidebook for the regulations regarding the use of Pitt State logos and the university's visual identity. The brand manual addresses issues such as when and how the trademarked "split-face" logo can be used, colors and styles of approved fonts, and many other style and design questions.

Brand Standards Manual

The importance of proper branding

The Pitt State brand is the foundation for all of our marketing resources. Every aspect, from a website, to identity, to print material, to video production and photography, is defined by our Pitt State brand. It is imperative that proper logos be used in all instances in order to maintain high quality standards that Pitt State's Marketing & Communication office is responsible for.

Getting started with Pitt State brand

Using a trademarked logo, brand mark, or any other brand asset is often associated with questions that Marketing & Communication office will be glad to answer. Start by familiarizing yourself with the Brand Standards Manual.

If you are in an internal Pitt State department and would like to use any trademarked logos or marks for marketing and recruitment materials that you're creating yourself, contact University Marketing at and describe your plans. 

Giveaways with Pitt State marks (including t-shirts and any other branded merchadise) must be purchased from a vendor licensed to produce branded items for Pitt State. This applies to everyone - including student groups. See the current list of licensed vendors here

Commercial license for merchandise

Pittsburg State University has partnered with Nexus Licensing Group to manage the University’s trademark licensing program. If you wish to become a licensed vendor that can produce Pitt State braded merchandise, please contact Nexus to get started

Important: Use of the University’s marks in this manner without receiving written permission may be considered trademark infringement and unfair competition, and will be treated accordingly.

Pittsburg State University Small Crafter Program

The Pittsburg State University Small Crafter Program provides the opportunity for small home businesses to legally produce and sell homemade products that bear Pittsburg State indicia. The Crafter Licensing Program is ideal for fans, alumni, and individuals who are interested in producing small quantities of Pitt State products to sell at craft shows and to individuals. Learn more here