University reports one new student case; offers vaccine clinics 

  Wednesday, April 21, 2021 11:30 AM

Pittsburg, KS


Pittsburg State University reported one positive COVID-19 case of the 13 symptomatic students who were tested at Bryant Student Health Center in the week leading up to April 21.  

Currently, one student is in isolation and none are in quarantine.     

In the same period, no faculty or staff members reported an infection, though one is in quarantine due to close contact with an infected person. Since the onset of the pandemic, 66 faculty and staff have reported infections and 106 have had to quarantine as close contacts to infected people. 

Weekly routine testing of athletes mandated by the NCAA continues. In this reporting time period, 20 student-athletes were tested and none were found to be positive.   

Bryant Student Health Center Director of Operations Rita Girth noted that the only tested/positive numbers the university can reliably report are those from the health center. She also said that isolation and quarantine numbers could differ between reporting agencies due to student being tested elsewhere and then later reporting as PSU students via the Crawford County Health Department. Numbers change daily. 

Additionally, in cooperation with county health officials and the Community Health Center of SEK, PSU has held clinics at which about 900 faculty, staff, and students were vaccinated; additional clinics are planned next week for all students.