Research event to showcase answers found by students 

  Monday, April 12, 2021 9:30 AM
  Academics, News, Science and Technology

Pittsburg, KS


A pilot study on detection of lead in residential garden soil in the Tri-State mining area, educational needs regarding concussion in youth athletes, the prevalence of West Nile virus in area mosquitos, and assessing the health literacy of diabetic patients in rural Southeast Kansas are among the many real-world research projects that will be showcased in the upcoming Pittsburg State University Research Colloquium. 

This year, the long-running event will be virtual and will consist of four primary categories: Sciences & Technology; Business, Education, and Humanities; Creative Works, and Topical Literature Reviews. 

Undergraduate and graduate students will present research they’ve conducted with faculty on topics within those categories. 

“It’s important to the university because it prompts innovation, creativity, and discovery,” said coordinator Brian Sims. “But it’s also of value to the publicthese projects highlight the importance of discovery.” 

And, it's also a great reminder that even in the face of a pandemic, learning continues here at Pitt State.” 

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Howard Smith said that in academic settings, the research component is a critical piece of learning and creating new knowledge. 

Our PSU research colloquium does a wonderful job highlighting student projects, exemplifying the importance of research in learning,” he said. “I always enjoy this event as I learn everytime I review what our student have accomplished." 

Among the presentations that have been submitted:  

  • Assessing the Health Literacy Levels of Diabetic Patients Located in Rural Southeast Kansas 
  • Bio-Based Rigid Polyurethane Foams Made Flame-Retardant after Addition of Aluminum Hypophosphite 
  • Blending of PLA and TPU in a Single Screw Extruder to Create 3D Printing Filament 
  • COVID-19 Health Information Seeking: Knowledge & Vested Interests in Midwest Populations 
  • Extrusion Processing of 3D Printer Filament 
  • Factors Affecting Second Language Acquisition 
  • Injection Mold Heat Transfer Study with The Carabiner Mold 
  • Investigation of Post-Consumer Regrind Content in ABS and Polystyrene for Consumer Packaging Applications 
  • Investigation of Post-Consumer Regrind Content in Polyethylene and Polypropylene for Consumer Packaging Applications 
  • Machine Learning on the Edge 
  • Mammal Communities in Kansas Mined Lands: Second Year of Snapshot USA Data Collection 
  • Scientific Injection Molding Using the Frisbee Mold 
  • Surveillance study on Culex sp. in Southeast Kansas and Prevalence of West Nile Virus in the Mosquito Population 
  • Temperatures Decrease Mammalian Species Richness Nationwide 
  • The Volta ElectroBlade 
  • A pilot study on detection of lead in residential garden soil in tri-state mining area 
  • Community Waste Management 
  • Educational Needs Regarding Concussion in Youth Athletes 
  • Evaluating the Avian and Vegetative Communities on Strip-mined Land in Cherokee and Crawford Counties 
  • How the View of the Vietnam War Has Changed With Time 
  • The 504 Sit-In Through a Social Psychological Lens 

To view the virtual projects as individual video presentations, visit starting at 8 a.m. on April 14.