University reports decline in testing demand and positive rate 

  Wednesday, September 16, 2020 1:30 PM

Pittsburg, KS

Health Center

For the second week in a row, Pittsburg State University has reported a decline in testing demandand the percent positive rate is also trending down, officials announced Wednesday.  

The number of students in active isolation dropped by half, and the number in quarantine is down to approximately 350 from the initial high of approximately 600, according to Taylor Panczer, COVID-19 case manager at PSU.  

The Bryant Student Health Center tested 50 students between Sept. 9 and Sept. 16, down from 72 the previous week. Of those, 11 tested positive, though eight tests are pending, Panczer saidIsolation numbers are down from 56 to 24 in the last week, and quarantine numbers are down by about 150. 

Currently, five faculty/staff are in isolation and three are in quarantine due to possible exposure. Since the university began tracking in March, 10 faculty/staff have reported infections, and 31 have had to quarantine for any reason.  

“We are seeing positive movement, though we must stay the course,” said Dr. Kathleen Sandness, medical director of the Bryant Student Health Center. “We see very high compliance to safety measures on our campus, and we need everyone to continue taking those measures into their personal life to protect our campus and community.” 

Panczer noted that the only tested/positive numbers the university can reliably report are those from the Bryant Student Health Center. Isolation and quarantine numbers will differ from the Crawford County Health Department report due to student being tested elsewhere and then later reporting as PSU students via the health department. 

On Monday, the university resumed extracurricular activitiesincluding intercollegiate athletics practice, which had been suspended on Aug. 26.