For the Media

A LOOK AHEAD: 8-17-22
19 August 2022

Requesting interviews: 

For an official university statement or to request an interview with administration, contact Andra Stefanoni, director of Media Relations,, 620-235-4124, or University Marketing & Communications, 620-235-4122. To increase the likelihood of reaching a source, please plan ahead with 24 hours notice.  

Looking for an expert source to interview? 

Whenever their schedules allow, many of our faculty and staff are available to comment on topics related to their areas of expertise. We’re proud that they are considered to be among the top researchers and scholars in the U.S. Their interests are diverse. Feel free to contact them directly with your interview request, but please plan ahead with at least 24 hours notice.  

Automotive | Dr. John Thompson | | 620-235-6516

Biology / pre-health | Dr. Phil Harries | | 620-235-4864

Biology / environmental, wildlife | Dr. Andy George | | 620-235-4030

Business / local and regional economics | Michael Davidsson | | 620-235-4592

Construction | Dr. Jim Otter | | 620-235-4349

Fitness / wellness | Dr. Laura Covert-Miller | | 620-235-4670

International students and education | Aaron Hurt | | 620-235-4093

Polymer research | Dr. Tim Dawsey | | 620-235-6549

Political science / government | Dr. Mark Peterson | | 620-235-4330

Reading, especially children's issues | Dr. David Hurford | | 620-235-4522

Social Work | Dr. Kristen Humphrey | | 620-235-4239

Don’t see the topic you're looking for? 

Contact Andra Stefanoni, director of Media Relations, 620-235-4124, or University Marketing & Communication, 620-235-4122.

Attending events: 

Public events are typically open to media with the rare exception in which a speaker we’ve booked requests no media as part of their contract. We’ll let you know about these rare instances in advance. 

In the event of a crisis or serious incident: 

The university has a Crisis Response Plan. During a crisis or serious event, Chief Marketing & Communication Officer Abigail Fern will be the university’s primary point of contact and spokesperson. Updates will be provided through the University’s primary communication channels, including and