A look back: Homecoming 2022

A look back at highlights from this year's Homecoming!

Homecoming Gallery 3

Yell Like Hell

Miss it? You can view it here!

1st place small division - Phi Sigma Kappa

1st place medium division - Sigma Tau Gamma

3rd place large division - Sigma Sigma Sigma & Sigma Chi

2nd place large division - Alpha Sigma Alpha & Sigma Phi Epsilon

1st place large division - Alpha Gamma Delta & Lambda Chi

Homecoming Gallery 8

Homecoming Gallery 7

Raft Races

1st Place - Pi Kappa Alpha

2nd Place - Gorilla Activities Board

3rd Place - Gamma Epsilon Tau

Most Spirited - Phi Sigma Kappa

Homecoming Gallery 6


Meet the Queen and King on the Gorilla Connection podcast.

Queen and King: Morgan Blubaugh, a biology/pre-med major representing PEERS, and Cale Chapman, a Communication major representing Lambda Chi Alpha. 

First attendants: Trisha Combs, a Communication Major representing Gorilla Activities Board and Braden Zaner, a business marketing and strategic communications major representing Honors College Association. 

Second attendants: Brooklyn Peterson, a Communications Major representing Alpha Sigma Alpha, and Neal Zoglmann, an Education Major representing Phi Eta Sigma. 



Winners were:

Small Float – RHA

3rd place large float – Gamma Alpha Lambda and Chi Omnicron Rho

2nd place large float – Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Sigma Alpha

1st place large float – Sigma Chi and Sigma Sigma Sigma


Homecoming Champion: Alpha Gamma Delta

Homecoming Gallery 10

Outstanding Alumni

Trinity Davis and Jack "JL" Johnson. Read more about their achievements.

Homecoming Gallery 1

The Game: Gorillas vs. the Griffons

28-16 PSU!