Dr. Shipp begins work as 10th president of PSU

President Dan Shipp is much like the hundreds of incoming freshmen on campus this summer for orientation — he carries a backpack, and he’s learning his way and who’s who.  

During his first week and a half on the job, Shipp has hit the ground running: he’s dropped by basketball camps for high school students, spoken at Pitt CARES sessions, and hosted a coffee for faculty and staff — something he will continue doing through July.   

Shipp freshmen

His immediate priority: he wants to get to know the campus and community, he said, through the eyes of faculty, staff, students, and others who support it.  

A transitional advisory period this summer will give community and campus leaders the opportunity to work with Shipp to help the former Nebraska resident understand Southeast Kansas. 

In July, his wife and three children will join him here. 

Moving forward, he plans to focus on student success — particularly ensuring students make it to the finish line and earn their degrees. But he’ll be approaching it with a “we” attitude, he noted. 

“I will do my absolute best to add value to the momentum you all have been generating for so many years,” he told the campus. “Your pride of place and commitment to our students has been inspiring to watch.” 

Shipp microphone