President Scott optimistic about Gov. Kelly’s budget proposal

Gov. Laura Kelly released her budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2023 this week, and it brought optimism for higher education in Kansas.  

The proposal includes millions of dollars that enable universities to freeze tuition, provide more scholarships to students, maintain state-owned buildings on campuses, and upgrade IT infrastructures.  

“In my 13 years as president of Pittsburg State University, we have never had such a bold set of investments in our work,” said PSU President Steve Scott. “I’m very appreciative of the thoughtful and comprehensive approach Gov. Kelly used, and I know our faculty and staff are, as well.” 

Over a lifetime, a college graduate earns an average of $1 million more than a high school graduate. Though clearly a good investment in the long run, the short-term issue is that the cost of higher education has risen substantially over the last decade.  

“The governor’s concern about rising tuition costs is shared by everyone on our campus, and we are eager to substitute additional state support for any increases in tuition,” said Scott. “The students and families we serve will be grateful for this additional investment.” 

In addition to helping make higher education more affordable for Kansas families, the proposal includes the opportunity to compete for economic development funding. This fits Pittsburg State University’s plans for the National Institute for Materials Advancement, the Kansas Polymer Research Center, Block22, and the institution’s overall commitment to growing the regional economy. 

The governor’s budget proposal came on day three of the 2022 legislative session, which typically concludes in May. It remains unclear exactly how much of the total proposal will come to Pittsburg State University, but it will be substantial and welcome.  

“Fiscal Year 2023 could be a year of significant advancement for the university,” said Scott. “I know the road ahead is long as the legislative process unfolds, but there is hope that this could be the best legislative session for Pittsburg State University in decades.”