PSU-TEECA named nation's Outstanding Chapter

  Thursday, May 11, 2017 2:00 AM
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Pittsburg, KS

PSU-TEECA named nation's Outstanding Chapter

When Trevor Maiseroulle signed up to be a part of Pittsburg State’s chapter of the Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association, he knew it would enhance his educational experience.

What he wasn’t prepared for, however, was how it would change his life.

“TEECA provided me one thing that I could never have imagined I would gain before coming to PSU: another family,” he said. “I have become great friends with all of my classmates, as well as the instructors.”

This spring, the TEECA group received the national Outstanding Chapter Award, a recognition given to just one university chapter nationwide. PSU-TEECA membership is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in technology and engineering education and technology programs.

TEECA is for college students who are preparing for their future careers as public school technology and engineering education teachers. Participating in competitive events, students enhance their experience, skills, and knowledge in areas such as teamwork, technical/design interests, problem solving and project management.

Maiseroulle and Melissa Stebbins, both graduate students in the technology education program, have been key leaders of the group this year. They said the group’s hard work and dedication to the TEECA mission helped lead them to the Outstanding Chapter Award.

“When we go out into the community as a chapter, we represent not only the Technology and Engineering program, but also the College of Technology, the College of Education and Pittsburg State as a whole,” Stebbins said. “On top of our coursework, preparing presentations and competitions, we volunteer at local, regional and state TSA conferences in Kansas and Oklahoma as judges and event coordinators. Our TEECA chapter also puts in a lot of hours doing community service in various ways such as working the chili feed for the Lions Club to engraving wine glasses for Vines and Grind.”

Maiseroulle said the nearly 20 PSU-TEECA students “genuinely care about this field.”

“We promote our major through various fundraisers, visiting local schools, putting on events (such as the Great Gorilla Games) for students of all ages, community service projects, as well as being involved with what is going on in our community,” he said. “We support other majors, and make an attempt to help integrate other disciplines within our own.”

Both said their time at PSU has been greatly enriched by their experience in TEECA.

“I am a non-traditional student, and I wasn't sure what to expect when I transferred, knowing I would be older than most students,” Stebbins said. “What I found was that it didn't matter. Every member of the group is different. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. That's the best part. When someone needs help (whether with school or personal) someone else is there to provide it.”

“This program is extremely important with the height of the STEM movement with school districts across the nation,” Maiseroulle said. “But, with the stigma of teaching lately, it's difficult to gain new members. There is one common trait among all of us in the program, and that's that we do this because we love technology and want to make a difference in kids’ lives for the rest of our lives.”

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