Graduate continues family traditions

  Wednesday, December 9, 2015 2:00 AM

Pittsburg, KS

Graduate continues family traditions

Krista GoschOn Friday, Krista Gosch will graduate from Pittsburg State University with a degree in education. In January, she will take over a fifth grade classroom at Webb City Middle School.

Krista’s story would have been surprising if she hadn’t attended Pitt State and if she hadn’t decided to become a teacher. A fifth-generation Gorilla, Gosch also comes from a long line of teachers.

“It runs in the family,” Gosch said.

The family’s PSU legacy began soon after the university was founded, Gosch said, when her great, great grandfather, Clyde O. Davidson, attended what would eventually become Pittsburg State. In ensuing years, more of the family followed. Gosch’s grandfather played on the 1961 national championship football team and an uncle played on the 1991 national championship football team.

Gosch’s father, Brett, is a PSU grad, but her mother, Carin, is a University of Central Missouri alumna.

“We’ve made her an honorary Gorilla,” Gosch laughed. “She has come to love this place as much as the rest of us.”

Many of Gosch’s family members are or have been teachers and she said she knew she wanted to be a teacher from a young age.

“A gentleman came up to me one time and told me my grandfather (a school administrator) had saved his life by believing in him when he was a student,” Gosch recalled. “If I can make that kind of impact on a child’s life, that would be amazing.”

Gosch will have that opportunity soon. Over the Christmas break, Gosch said, her parents are going to help her set up her classroom and she’ll have students on Jan. 4.

“I’m nervous, but so excited!” Gosch said.



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