Students lead mission trip to India

  Monday, August 17, 2015 2:00 AM

Pittsburg, KS

Students lead mission trip to India

For Pittsburg State students and married couple Rachel and Zach Sachs, serving others is more than a passion. It’s a calling.


“It fills our hearts with joy that we are able to make a difference in the world,” said Rachel, who is pursuing a master’s degree in mathematics.


This summer, Rachel and Zach led a group of Pitt State students on their latest mission trip to India, where they served in a variety of ways. A total of 14 PSU students have traveled with them to India over the past three years.


“In 2012, Zach felt the Call of God to go to India and serve,” Rachel said. “His first mission experience had such a positive impact that it radically changed his life. In March of 2013, we were married and made the decision that cross-cultural missions were definitely in our future. We both had a passion to serve. Therefore, we picked up our belongings and traveled half way across the world on a three-month mission under the direction of Global Ministries and Relief (GMR).”


The Pitt State team, in conjunction with GMR, helped raise money to build churches in villages and assisted with a project called Widows In Need (WIN).


“The WIN Project is several micro businesses set in place to help widows be self-sustainable,” Rachel said. “In most cases these women have no source of income and are left to fend for themselves. GMR purchased 12 sewing machines, materials, two plate pressing machines and vegetable carts. These small businesses will create a way for them to be self-reliant.”


Pitt State students also participated in speaking to churches, visiting homes and traveling to villages sharing the Gospel message.


“It has been such a blessing to serve in the beautiful nation of India,” Rachel said. “It is our desire to show others the love of Jesus and to meet their needs. Zach and I are planning on recruiting Pitt State students to be part of another mission next summer. These mission trips have far exceeded our expectations and we want to share this opportunity with others. All our experiences have been rewarding and life changing.”



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