Summer camps, workshops bring thousands

  Thursday, July 9, 2015 2:00 AM

Pittsburg, KS

Summer camps, workshops bring thousands

In addition to the thousands of students involved in traditional academic pursuits on the Pittsburg State University campus this summer, there are thousands more who may not be earning academic credit, but nevertheless are learning and having fun at the same time.

Ranging in age from 4 to 64, nearly 4,000 students have or will participate in a variety of non-credit academic and athletic camps, workshops and classes this summer at PSU. They have come to learn how to build a robot, how to throw a perfect spiral, the art of the jump shot, the latest investment casting technology, and why a turtle carries his shell with him wherever he goes.

“Summer camps and workshops open up not just the campus, but the whole wonderful world of higher education to the community,” said Lee Young, associate vice president for enrollment management and student success.

Lee said the regular academic year is focused on degree-seeking students who have already made a commitment to earn a degree, but the summer camps and workshops can reach a very different demographic.

“For young people, just being on a university campus can inspire them to seriously think of earning a college degree, pursuing their dream career and contributing back to their community,” Young said. “Whether they’re here for a football, volleyball or softball camp, the students can see themselves as a university student, campus leader and future graduate. Of course, we hope they’ll choose Pittsburg State to start and earn their college degree.”

For industry professionals, the on-campus workshops reinforce the university’s reputation as a leader in preparing graduates for specific industries, university officials said. Learning opportunities like the Investment Casting Institute and the Woodworking Boot Camp help build important relationships with industries.

Devin Gorman, vice president of operations for the Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, said the local business community puts a high value on the visitors Pitt State’s summer activities bring to the city.

“The economic impact of these visitors for our restaurants and retailers is important during the summer months. Of course we are excited for the opportunity to showcase our community to so many additional visitors as well,” Gorman said.



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