Pittsburg State prepares for possible furloughs

  Wednesday, June 3, 2015 2:00 AM

Pittsburg, KS

Pittsburg State prepares for possible furloughs

Pittsburg State University officials are preparing for the possibility of enforcing state furloughs if state legislators and the governor are unable to agree to a tax plan by midnight on Saturday, June 6.

“At this time, we are looking for guidance from the Kansas Board of Regents and Department of Administration,” said President Steve Scott. “Our intentions are to craft a plan that provides as high a level of support as possible given the limitations the state has placed upon us.”

The possibility of furloughs comes as state lawmakers work to develop a tax proposal to close a reported $400 million budget hole. Should furloughs take effect, the university will only be allowed to pay those employees deemed “essential” to maintaining basic campus operations. It will not be authorized to pay any other employees.

In an emergency meeting of the PSU Presidents’ Council this morning, members began to define a process of determining those employees who are essential to campus operations.

“We’ve been placed in a disappointing and frustrating position,” said Scott. “I can’t overstate how disruptive this will be to our employees and students. We will be introducing a new lack of security into their lives. Unfortunately, our options at the campus level are very limited.”

University officials are working to ensure lawmakers understand the impact a furlough would have on current and future campus operations.

“We remain very active in Topeka,” said Shawn Naccarato, director of government and community relations. “The president, Riley (legislative liaison Riley Scott) and I are in regular contact with our local lawmakers and the governor’s office to help them understand the impact a furlough would have on Pittsburg State’s ability to serve its students.”

To answer state employees’ questions, the Kansas Department of Administration has posted a list of Furlough FAQs on their website, https://admin.ks.gov/.



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