Pitt CARES welcomes new freshmen to campus

  Wednesday, June 3, 2015 2:00 AM

Pittsburg, KS

Pitt CARES welcomes new freshmen to campus

More than 1,100 new Gorillas will be on campus this summer, as Pittsburg State University hosts the annual Pitt CARES (Campus Advisement, Registration, and Enrollment Sessions) freshmen orientation sessions.

Pitt CARES is an orientation session for incoming freshmen that aids in their transition from high school to university life. Students who attend CARES participate in a variety of informational sessions covering PSU topics ranging from campus activities and career services to housing and financial aid.

“CARES is important for students so they can be more prepared when they get here in August,” Tony Fuentez, associate director of PSU’s Office of Admissions.  “Many students can take care of housing and financial aid concerns so they aren't stressed when they come back for the beginning of school. Students also learn a lot from our CARES leaders and get more familiarized with campus and everything we have to offer.”

This year’s CARES theme is “Be A Star,” and each incoming student starts their day on campus with a photo shoot with Gus Gorilla on the red carpet.

For the current students serving at CARES leaders, the sessions are an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences they’ve gained during their tenure on campus.

“I think that being able to help incoming freshmen with the transition from high school to college is extremely important,” said senior Michelle Forbes. “As a CARES leader, my main goal is to provide as much information to help aid with any problems or situations they may encounter.”



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