High school students learn about nursing, college life

  Thursday, March 26, 2015 2:00 AM

Pittsburg, KS

High school students learn about nursing, college life

About 50 high school seniors spent Thursday in Pittsburg State University’s Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing where they had lots of questions about the profession and perhaps even more about college life, like “How hard are the classes?”

Answer: “It can be hard, but you can do it. Keep up with your homework and don’t be afraid to ask for help. The professors are great.”

The high school students were participants in PSU’s annual Nursing Career Day, which is designed to not only give high school students some insight into the day-to-day responsibilities of a nurse, but also to answer their questions about college.

Judy Coltharp, a member of the Bradley School of Nursing faculty, said the event is planned and run by senior nursing students.

“Our seniors are just six weeks away from graduation,” Coltharp said. “They are really excited about this opportunity to share with the high school students and answer their questions.”

Shelly Hinkle, a health science instructor at Labette County High School, said putting the high school students together with university students made the event more valuable for both groups.

“They’re getting to interact with actual college students who can share experiences the high school students can relate to,” Hinkle said of her group.

Throughout the event, high school students rotated from station to station where the PSU students directed hands-on activities on everything from starting an IV and giving an injection to performing CPR.

For more on the Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing, visit their website at www.pittstate.edu/nursing.



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