Students make sorority commitment

  Friday, August 16, 2013 2:00 AM

Pittsburg, KS

Students make sorority commitment

For 116 Pittsburg State University women, Friday, Aug. 16, was a day they’ll never forget. One by one, in a ceremony on the Oval, their names were read along with the PSU sorority with which they had been matched.

To screams and cheers, women from the sororities ran to welcome their new sisters.

Megan Smejdir, program coordinator for campus activities, said the number of women participating in the sorority recruitment process this year was the largest in recent history.

“We had a really big group last year,” Smejdir said. “It is good to see the numbers continue to grow. I expect it to be a really good year for the Greek organizations.”

Smejdir said she was impressed with more than the numbers.

“There is tremendous potential in this group,” Smejdir said. “We should expect great things from them.”

Members of the sororities and fraternities will build on the leadership skills Smejdir referenced at the annual Fraternal Leadership Summit in Johnson County this weekend. The summit, which aims at promoting leadership and cohesiveness among the university’s fraternity and sorority members, takes place on Saturday, Aug. 17, at Johnson County Community College.



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