COT adds two new iPlan Tables

  Monday, April 8, 2013 2:00 AM

Pittsburg, KS

COT adds two new iPlan Tables

When the Pittsburg State University College of Technology purchased last fall a 55-inch iPlan Table for its construction management program, it was one of the nation’s first universities to boast the new technology.

It can now boast a little more.

The PSU College of Technology recently purchased two additional iPlan Tables, which will give students more access to the technology that is reshaping the construction industry.

“The two new iPlan Tables were purchased so students could have access at multiple locations and will be part of some of our future simulations,” Jim Otter, School of Construction chair, said. “This way, students can have access regardless of class being in progress.”

The two new iPlan Tables are located in rooms W110 and W207 inside the Kansas Technology Center.

In December 2012, PSU became the first university construction management program in the nation to acquire the 55-inch iPlan Table, a touch-screen computer that is replacing paper blueprints on the jobsite. The use of the new equipment is another way the COT is keeping up with advancements and changes within the industry.

“More and more, construction companies are eliminating the use of paper,” Bill Strenth, assistant professor in the School of Construction, said. “Everything is trending toward digital, which is in line with companies trying to go lean and green on projects. We want our students to be exposed to these technologies while they’re at Pitt State so they’ll be fully prepared to use them once they enter the workforce.”

With the iPlan Table, students can prepare and examine building plans in a variety of ways – ways not available with paper blueprints.

“When they are working on one particular area of the design, they can zoom in and focus on that one area,” Strenth said. “They can use the iPlan Table to make any needed changes. They can work with 3-D models, spin them around on the screen and see exactly what it’s supposed to look like. This is another tool industry is starting to use, and it’s important that we, as a college, are keeping up with industry.”



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