Hundreds of Four-State students participate in Science Day

  Thursday, March 7, 2013 2:00 AM

Pittsburg, KS

Hundreds of Four-State students participate in Science Day

More than 750 high school students from across the Four-States tested their scientific knowledge at Pittsburg State University’s annual Science Day on Thursday, March 7.

Student participants competed in chemistry, physics, Earth and space science and biology. In addition to traditional paper tests, students competed in a wide variety of hands-on activities. For example, in the mousetrap car competition, students designed, built and raced cars powered only by spring-loaded mousetraps. For the Seismic Shakers competition, they built towers of popsicle sticks and tested them on an earthquake simulator. In the paper tower competition, the students worked to see who could build the tallest paper tower using a single sheet of copy paper and tape.

Organizers said Science Day accomplishes several objectives: It makes science cool and fun. It demonstrates some real-life applications for science. And it introduces high school students to Pittsburg State University and its chemistry, biology, physical science and physics programs.



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