Wednesday, February 6, 2013 2:00 AM

Pittsburg, KS


Students in Free Enterprise, commonly known as SIFE, has changed its name to ENACTUS.

 ENACTUS is a combination of the words entrepreneurial, action, and us.

 The organization maintains the same goals of becoming more inclusive, bringing together students of various backgrounds and expertise, and developing more entrepreneurs. The name change is aimed at highlighting the organization’s focus on entrepreneurial action as a catalyst to transforming communities and lives.  

 “For some time, SIFE had been known as a club for business majors,” Suzanne Hurt, PSU’s academic advising coordinator and ENACTUS advisor, said. “What we’re hoping to do with ENACTUS is bring more students together because there is a great need for a combination of expertise campus-wide.”

Founded in 1975, Students in Free Enterprise had grown to become one of the largest university-based organizations in the world. SIFE teams became active in more than 40 countries on 1,500 campuses with over 42,000 participating students around the world. There are 50 members in PSU’s group.

Now, as ENACTUS, the organization wants to expand its reach and impact.

“We don’t want this group to be all about business students,” Katie Bristly, PSU ENACTUS president, said. “This needs to be a group of students from all areas of expertise working together for a common goal.”

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