Students give PSU high marks in national survey

  Tuesday, January 8, 2013 2:00 AM

Pittsburg, KS

Students give PSU high marks in national survey

Ninety percent of first-year students at Pittsburg State University rate their experience as “good” or “excellent” and 89 percent of seniors would choose PSU again.

These figures are among the findings in the 2012 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), an annual survey of students at hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide. Results from NSSE are aimed at providing prospective students with insights into how they might learn and develop at a particular college or university.

Pittsburg State received high marks in a number of categories. According to responses by 372 PSU students:

73 percent of first-year students believe PSU places substantial emphasis on academics.

83 percent of first-year students say their professors are available, helpful and sympathetic.

91 percent of seniors discuss career plans with faculty.

79 percent of first-year students report that their peers are friendly, supportive and give them a sense of belonging.

80 percent of first-year students say PSU provides substantial support for their academic success.

Patricia Lindley, PSU’s director of assessment, said the report “speaks to PSU as a quality learning community.

“The NSSE results give us affirmation that PSU is an excellent learning community,” Lindley said. “Students are highly satisfied with their experience at Pitt State.”

The report, “Promoting Student Learning and Institutional Improvement: Lessons from NSSE at 13 -- Annual Results 2012,” details information from a 2012 survey of 285,000 first-year students and seniors attending 546 U.S. colleges and universities. NSSE’s annual survey is an attempt to provide diagnostic, comparative information about the prevalence of effective educational practices at participating bachelor’s degree-granting colleges and universities.

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