Taiwanese student's film chosen for film festival

Graduate student Jackie Chang, of Taiwan, who works as a graduate assistant in the Department of Communication, can now add another title to his resumé: a recognized film maker and director. 

Chang earned his bachelor’s degree in communication from Pittsburg State in May, with an emphasis in media production. He’s been making films in various genres for years, but this fall advanced to the next level: His film “Lost Spirit” was chosen for the Kansas City Underground Film Festival. 

The film has a special place in Chang’s heart for another reason: he created it with his friend, Alexandre Lacerda, who was a producer for the film. 

“I feel very happy about it,” Chang said. “That means there are more opportunities for more people to see our work.”  

He credits many of the people he has met as a student here as helping him to produce quality films and to grow as a film maker. 

“People here are more open-minded to try new things,” he said. “They will love to act, they won't feel shy to perform in front of a camera. They will love to help for production, like helping do the lighting, and any part of production.”  

Being a media production student at Pittsburg State also means the chance to jump into hands-on projects early: Students have the opportunity to take what they learn in the classroom and develop skills through live broadcast and streamcast productions of university events such as athletics, theater, music concerts, speaker series, and more.

Chang said he also owes much of his success to his friends.  

“…A lot of friends will encourage me to try different stuff in the films,” he said. “I used to be afraid to let my production become bigger, but after my friends encouraged me to challenge myself, I got better in every production.”  

Being selected for the Kansas City Underground Film Festival is not the first accomplishment that “Lost Spirit” has earned; it won Best Student Horror Film in the IndieX Film Festival and Independent Short Awards, and Best Horror Film in South Film and Arts Academy Festival. 

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