Siblings from India experience Pitt State biology program together

Many students are excited to tell their family and friends about their classes, extra-curricular activities, and life at Pittsburg State. For Yashvi Lambasiya, a senior biology major from India, telling her family about her experience was not enough. She wanted them to experience it for themselves.  

She was struck by the welcoming community and supportive staff, and wanted her brothers to join her here.  

“I was the first one to get here and after living here for a year this place felt like home to me,” Yashvi said. “The international office has always been a great support and also I loved the university and what better opportunity for my brothers than to stay with me and simultaneously enjoy this beautiful place.”  

Her brothers, Darshil and Kavan, have since joined her at Pittsburg State, where all three are studying biology with an emphasis in pre-medical studies. Having a family member here helped them adjust.  

“It is a great feeling to have your family in Pitt state,” Darshil said. “It does not feel strange when you come to a different country with your family. It is a great experience.”  

Yashvi said that having her brothers join her at Pitt State “feels like a blessing.”  

“As an international student it is the most difficult thing one has to face being away from family,” she said. “Now that I have two of my brothers here, it’s like I have all the mental support, all the fun, and we also celebrate all the festivals because I have help from them.”  

Having a sibling at Pitt State was a huge draw, but Darshil and Kavan also were attracted to the university’s excellent academic reputation and campus culture.  

“I've selected PSU for their great campus, education facilities and affordability,” Kavan said.  

The welcoming atmosphere is also a bonus, the siblings said.  

“One of my favorite parts would most definitely be the culture and acceptance here,” Yashvi said. “Nobody ever feels left out. Everyone is included and most importantly everyone here is always eager to learn more about other cultures which makes us feel more included.”  

The people at Pitt State also stood out to Kavan.  

“Everyone is so polite, supportive, and helpful, including the teaching and non-teaching staff,” he said.  

The siblings said they feel at home in Pittsburg, and hope to be joined by more cousins in the future.  

“Pitt has become a second home for us and I don’t think I’d trade anything for that,” Yashvi said.

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