Business and sustainability student appointed to national council

Tucker Jessip has just been given an amazing opportunity. 

He’s been elected to the national Student Advisory Council for Enactus USA — a prestigious position that will allow him to gain experience on a much bigger scale. And, he’s been invited to participate in the Enactus Entrepreneurial Exchange Program with Morocco. 

Jessip, a sophmore from Frontenac, Kansas, hopes to one day work in the renewable energy business. 

To get there, he enrolled as a student in the Kelce College of Business at Pittsburg State, where he is working toward a degree in business administration and a sustainability certificate. He joined Enactus, an entrepreneurial organization that creates sustainability projects that help the university and community, and rose through the ranks to President.  

“Enactus stands for EN- entrepreneurial, ACT- action, US- Us,” he said. “We apply business principles to innovative project ideas that really make a positive impact for people.” 

Sustainability is the root of the organization.  

“Our projects aim to help the environment, create better lives for people, and support our economy,” he said. “The UN, back in 2015, established 17 sustainability goals that we want to achieve by the year 2030. Any project that we pursue has to be related to one of the sustainability goals. Once we develop good projects, we will go and compete against other Enactus organizations to challenge each other and exchange ideas.” 

Being elected to the national council will give him an opportunity to work with Enactus representatives and students from across the nation.  

“Working with all of these people gives me the knowledge and experience to better run my Enactus team as their president,” Jessip said.  

And, it is another step toward that dream career. 

“I have a keen interest in solar energy, and managing and working with a group of people would be right up my alley,” he said. “Maybe with enough entrepreneurial experience, I may one day start my own solar energy company.”

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