Business students win national recognition

Four students in the Kelce College of Business earned national recognition for business achievement at the Future Business Leaders of America national leadership conference: Amanda Becker (accounting analysis and decision making), Samuel Holman (programming concepts), Wyntr Jacobs and Sarah Clausen (desktop publishing).  

This spring, they were among eight students in the KCOB who racked up several statewide wins that qualified them for nationals, including 18 first place awards, seven second place awards, and four third place awards in the Kansas PBL Leadership Conference.   

As members of PSU’s Phi Beta Lambda Chapter — the college version of FBLA, an organization that prepares members for careers in business and business-related fields — they competed in a total of 37 events.  

Students were required to submit their work, take tests, and present virtually to a panel of judges. 

“Achieving this level of success and having these wins on their resumé will definitely give them a leg up when it comes to landing their first job,” said David Hogard, director of Academic Advising, Career Readiness, and Enactus. “We’re excited for them, and we’re proud of the way they represented PSU."  

Award winners include:  

Amanda Becker, of Weir, Kansas  

  • Accounting Analysis & Decision Making (with Olivia Mitchell) (1st) Financial Concepts (1st)  
  • Microeconomics (2nd)  
  • Organizational Behavior & Leadership (1st)   


Taylor Brynds, of Cherokee, Kansas   

Client Service (1st)  

  • Help Desk (1st)  
  • Job Interview (1st)   
  • Macroeconomics (1st)   
  • Management Concepts (2nd)   

Sarah Clausen, of Cherokee, Kansas   

  • Desktop Publishing (with Wyntr Jacobs) (1st) Entrepreneurship Concepts (1st)  
  • Marketing Concepts (1st)   

Samuel Holman, of Cassville, Missouri   

  • Computer Concepts (1st)   
  • Cyber Security (1st)   
  • Microeconomics (1st)   
  • Programming Concepts (1st)   

Wyntr Jacobs, of Pittsburg, Kansas  

  • Desktop Publishing (with Sarah Clausen) (1st)   

Olivia Mitchell, of Waverly, Kansas  

  • Accounting Analysis & Decision Making (with Amanda Becker) (1st)   
  • Accounting for Professionals (2nd)  
  • Accounting Principles (2nd)  
  • Justice Administration (3rd)   
  • Organizational Behavior & Leadership (2nd)  

Cierra Rose, of Louisburg, Kansas  

  • Information Management (1st)   
  • Insurance Concepts (2nd)   
  • Justice Administration (2nd)   
  • Macroeconomics (3rd)   
  • Retail Management (1st)   

Jeremy Walls, of Linn Valley, Kansas  

  • Financial Concepts (3rd) Information Management (3rd)