GOLD (Gorillas of the Last Decade) Alumni Award

Founded in 2018, the GOLD (Gorillas of the Last Decade) Alumni Award* was created to recognize an outstanding graduate within the last 10 years who has made an impact in his or her career field or community while showcasing Gorilla pride. The recipient will be invited to campus in the spring, serving as inspiration to current students to go forth and make a similar impact when they leave campus.

Nominations must include the nominee's name, graduation year, current city and state of residence, current employer and occupation, special honors, awards, and achievements, contributions they’ve made to their employer or community, and the qualities they have that resonate with what it means to be a Gorilla.

*Formerly known as the Good Apple Award

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Good Apple 2023

2023 Recipient: Tadd Lucian (BS '14, MS '18)

GOLD Alumni Award Recipients

Award year noted in parentheses.
*Recipients notated with an asterik were all recognized under the former name, Good Apple Award. 


Brenner, Brittan; BS '18, MA '20 (2021)*

Britez, Alheli Aranda; BM '14, MS '16 (2019)*


Flores, Lynzee; BA '16, MA '18 (2022)*


Lang, Kyle; BST '14 (2019)*

Lucian, Tadd; BS '14, MS '18 (2023)*


Maiseroulle, Trevor; BSEd '16, MST '18 (2020)*

Mun, Minjoo; BSN '16 (2021)*


Schwab Self, Savannah; BS '17 (2022)*