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Keiva Robinson

Keiva Robinson
What I’ve learned at PSU is that you have to push yourself."
~ Keiva Robinson, Senior, fashion merchandising

Senior fashion merchandising student Keiva Robinson has always had an eye for style.

“I came to Pitt State because I was interested in the fashion program,” said the 21-year-old Kansas City native. “For me, it started in high school. My friends and I were serious about how we dressed. I won best dressed in high school!”

For some students, figuring out how to spin their passion into a career may be a little daunting. But for Robinson, it paid to follow her go-getter intuition. At the advice of friends in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department, she contacted the popular clothing label Anthropologie to inquire about an internship.

“Their stores are interesting because they build everything from natural products and found objects, like cups and plates. One of their displays even uses old turtle shells,” said Robinson, whose aunt, a lead designer for Macy’s, had a career she emulated.

And although she describes her own closet as having more of a “Free People” vibe, she soon had an offer to serve as one of Anthropologie’s summer interns - a position she anticipates will give her valuable experience designing visual displays.

“I hope this experience will help me build more confidence to express my creativity,” said Robinson, who plans to work toward a career as an accessories designer. “What I’ve learned at PSU is that you have to push yourself. Once you set your mind on what you need to do, you have to get out there and do it.”