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Brett Kunshek

Brett Kunshek
PSU was the right school that set the right foundation for me."
~ Brett Kunshek, BBA

Kelce College of Business alumnus Brett Kunshek smiles when he describes himself as a “townie” - the type of student who grows up near a college town and doesn’t have to go far to get an education.

And although the Frontenac, Kan., boy had a job with the family business waiting for him, he opted to pursue the opportunities that came with attending PSU - notably, getting a great education. He was immediately attracted to studies in accounting and finance, and took advantage of all the business college had to offer.

“I earned a great education at a great price, and that sort of thing is hard to find these days,” he said.

After graduating and working for a few years in internal auditing and consulting, Kunshek enrolled at the University of Kansas to earn his MBA. A few years ago, he landed his dream job as an investment analyst for 440 Investment Group, a growing asset management firm and Mariner Holdings company owned by the Gene Bicknell family.

Perhaps the most exciting opportunity for Kunshek, however, happened this spring when 440’s sister company, Tortoise Capital Advisors, launched a $250 million mutual fund (the Tortoise Pipeline & Energy Fund) that was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. He and his colleagues who manage the fund were invited to New York to celebrate the listing, and when it came time to ring the opening bell, his boss insisted that Kunshek join the small group - a highly visible recognition in the finance world.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I never expected,” he said. “It was such an honor to be at the stock exchange and to be part of the bell-ringing.”

Opportunities like that have their perks, Kunshek said, but the real reward is having a career he loves.

“PSU was the right school that set the right foundation for me,” he said. “I had a wonderful time while I was there.”