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Latest Alumni Stories

Cadets train on Blackhawks

Some people complain about parking on the Pittsburg State University campus, but Josh Urban didn’t have any problems finding a spot Thursday. Of course it helps if your vehicle weighs eight tons and is Army green.

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New teacher faces challenges, earns recognition

As she prepared for a career in education, Bethany Strasser heard all about the possible challenges she would face as a classroom teacher. Her first year on the job didn’t disappoint.

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Combining majors leads Pitt State graduate to a great career

Sometimes, one plus one adds up to more than two. That was the case for Jason Landrum, BS 2010, who matched a technology degree in graphics with a business degree in marketing and then landed a job he clearly loves.

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Brett Kunshek

Kelce College of Business alumnus Brett Kunshek smiles when he describes himself as a “townie” - the type of student who grows up near a college town and doesn’t have to go far to get an education.

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Big careers start at Pittsburg State University

Abraham Urasma credits PSU with helping him achieve his dreams

Students find their way to an institution of higher learning through a variety of ways. Some grow up near the university of their choice. Others land a scholarship and relocate to attend.

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Andrew Nestor

For ’08 alumnus Andrew Nestor, who grew up in Northwest Arkansas, taking a course at PSU that was filled largely with international students opened his eyes to a much bigger world.

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Melinda Velasquez

If Melinda Velasquez could give non-traditional college students one piece of advice, it would be simple. “It’s never too late to answer the call, to do what you are supposed to do.”

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Ryan O'Connor

Department of Communication Alumnus

Communication alumnus Ryan O'Connor doesn't want to look back on his life and ever feel as though he turned down an opportunity to learn about the world. It's for this reason that O'Connor, a Pittsburg native who graduated from PSU in 2001, may already have one of the most diverse resumes of his peers.

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James "Tim" Ryan

Codes Administrator, Overland Park, Kan.

In the 30-plus years since finishing his construction management degree at Pittsburg State University, James "Tim" Ryan's career has followed a path of upward momentum. From his first job as an inspector for a design firm in Parsons to his current role as codes administrator for Overland Park, he's been an advocate for employees having as much education as possible.

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