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Students support campus projects

March 30, 2012 12:00AM

Pitt State students have shown strong support this spring for three major campus projects. The students have endorsed a plan to gradually increase fees for a renovation and expansion of the student center and also to help fund the construction of the fine and performing arts center and an indoor track and event center.

The Student Government Association voted unanimously to support the increase in fees at their meeting on March 28. That followed a student referendum in which students voted in favor of the increase. The vote in favor was nearly 70 percent.

President Steve Scott said student support for the projects was crucial.

“Student support for this project has confirmed to me that our students believe in Pittsburg State and in this community,” Scott said. “SGA's approval, along with the overwhelming support of our students, sets the stage for continued growth and success for the university.”

The biggest of the three projects would be the renovation and expansion of the Overman Student Center, estimated to cost around $14 million. That project would be funded almost entirely with student fees. Additionally, the students supported contributing $7 million toward the Fine and Performing Arts Center project and $3 million for the indoor track/event center.

If adopted, the student fee increases would be $30 a year each year for five years and then begin declining in the sixth year.

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