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PSU honors University Professors

October 24, 2012 12:00AM

2012 University Professors, L-R: James Lookadoo, Kelly Woestman, and Susan Johns-Smith

Pittsburg State University recognized three veteran faculty members with the distinction “University Professor” at a reception on Tuesday, Oct. 23. This year’s new University Professors are Susan Johns-Smith, Axe Library; James Lookadoo, Electronics Engineering Technology; and Kelly Woestman, Department of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences.

The rank of University Professor indicates that an individual faculty member is recognized by their peers both on and off campus as an "outstanding contributor in a field of specialization." To be eligible, candidates must also be recognized on campus for "outstanding contributions to the education program of the university."

To be considered for the designation, candidates must have been a full professor for no less than seven years, meaning that a person who begins at PSU as an assistant professor typically would not be eligible to apply for the rank of University Professor for 19 years.

The University Professor designation is for a term of seven years and can be renewed. It carries with it a $4,500 increment that is added to the base salary.

Johns-Smith is the system administrator of the integrated library system (ILS) at Axe Library and is the coordinator of library systems consortia. She was instrumental in the development of a mobile application for smart phones/wireless devices, providing external access to library products and services. She played an important role in the implementation of the Summon Discovery search product, which provides a single “search box” for web-scale, Google-like access that simultaneously searches scholarly journals, digital content, print material, electronic books, and images.

James Lookadoo developed a new undergraduate course, Electronic Aerospace Systems, that examines the new technologies found in air and space flight navigation, communication and control. He also developed a graduate course, Signal Processing, that helped form ETECH’s current Embedded Systems emphasis area.  Lookadoo has participated in several faculty fellowship positions with the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita and with the NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

Kelly Woestman was appointed by then Gov. Bill Graves to serve on the Kansas Territorial Sesquicentennial Advisory Committee with primary functions to the Technology and Education Subcommittees. She current serves on the executive committee of the Kansas State Historical Society.  Most recently, she has served as the program director for four teaching American history grants in conjunction with Greenbush, offering graduate credit to area teachers.

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