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RGB Men bring smiles to PSU

February 02, 2012 12:00AM

The RGB Men mimic a student studying on a bench on the PSU Oval.

Three anonymous students are bringing smiles to pedestrians on the Pittsburg State University campus.

They call themselves the RGB Men for the red, green and blue “morph” suits they wear. They do not speak, but write positive messages on sticky notes that they give to the students they meet.

In an e-mail (remember they don’t speak), they wrote that they came up with the idea by watching the faces of students as they passed between classes.

“If you have ever noticed, walking to class is boring,” the trio wrote. “People just walk by everyone and a lot look like they hate their lives. We want to change that, what’s better than seeing random guys in morph suits giving compliments on sticky notes?”

In addition to writing the notes, the guys also use body language to communicate with the pedestrians they encounter.

“Our goal is simple, to make people laugh, smile, and just enjoy the day,” they wrote.

For now, the group is intent on maintaining their anonymity.

“Being that we will not speak. You do not know who we are. We could be your best friend. Or the guy that sits next to you in class!” they wrote.

It’s a mystery that is spreading smiles throughout the Pitt State community.

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