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Tech ed students, high schoolers come together to make Christmas gifts

December 02, 2010 12:00AM

Students in Mike Neden's Mass Production class practice the assembly of the camping stools they created, practice they'll need before leading next week's mass assembly activity at Pittsburg High School.

Students at Pittsburg High School will get a real-life lesson in mass production next week when a Pittsburg State technology class guides them through a group assembly project of original games and products.

Technology and Workforce Learning Professor Mike Neden and his Mass Production class have spent the past semester designing and manufacturing parts for 50 camping stools and 50 bean bag toss games. At 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 7, they'll take the materials to a technology education class at PHS, where the students will practice their assembly skills.

"An activity like this helps our future technology education teachers learn how to set up an assembly line," Neden explained as his class practiced putting together some of the stools and games themselves. "They're learning to teach how mass production works. We're setting it up so middle school and high school students know how to perform this quickly and efficiently."

Once the stools and games are assembled, they will be brought back to the Kansas Technology Center, where they'll be sold through the department as Christmas gifts. Proceeds will cover the cost of materials and supplies. The final part of the project includes students doing a cost analysis of sales, and if the class has earned a profit, they'll celebrate with a small holiday party.

The main project for the semester, this the first time the class has made created two products. In the past, products have included bubble gum machines, foos ball tables, and picnic condiment caddies.

The bean bag game toss and the camping stools are available for $20 and can be purchased by calling Neden at 235-4379 or at

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