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Inflatable art on display in Porter Hall

January 22, 2010 12:00AM

Artist Jimmy Kuehnle performed in his "inflatable suit" on campus earlier this week.

Catching sight of artist Jimmy Kuehnle's work as it bounced across campus, students on their way to class earlier this week were left a bit confused, wondering what exactly this thing was.

That's just the way Kuehnle likes it.

Kuehnle, whose large, inflatable art is on display in the University and Harry Krug Galleries, stopped by PSU for a lecture and to put on a showing of his work, titled "Things Bigger Than People." Ducking inside a huge, neon nylon "suit," Kuehnle spent an hour circling campus, nudging passersby, before making his way to downtown to turn heads.

Kuehnle said that as an artist, he tries to take audiences outside their comfort zone by presenting them with pieces they don't know how to define, or that don't have an identifiable function.

"This is meant to be fun, thought-provoking, not something you see everyday," he said.

His pieces are on display at Porter Hall through Feb. 26.

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