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Broyles retires as head football coach

December 21, 2009 12:00AM


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it is the right time. . .I'm at peace with my decision. "
~ Chuck Broyles
sentatives of the media, the campus community and friends and colleagues of Pittsburg State University Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Chuck Broyles packed the lower level of the Wilkinson Alumni Center on campus Wednesday, Dec. 2, for the announcement that Broyles is retiring from his position as head football coach.

PSU President Steve Scott said he has appointed current Assistant Head Coach Tim Beck acting head coach until a decision is made on Broyles' successor, which, Scott said, will be done rapidly.

In remarks punctuated with both humor and reflection, Broyles told the crowd that although the decision to retire was a difficult one to make, "it is the right time. . .I'm at peace with my decision."

Scott said Broyles, who was appointed PSU head football coach in 1989, had begun talking to him about retiring "some time back."

"Even though it's hard to imagine Gorilla football without him, I completely understand and support his decision to retire," Scott said. "The job of head coach, particularly in such a high profile program, is one of the most difficult I can imagine, both for the coach and also for the coach's family.  We wish the entire Broyles family well as they move forward into this next chapter of their lives, and we thank them for the many, many hours they have devoted to supporting Chuck and to supporting this university."

Scott said Broyles had had a positive impact not only on the PSU football program, but well beyond.

"The evolution of the PSU football program since Chuck Broyles was named head coach in December of 1989 has been nothing short of amazing," Scott said. "Each year, the bar has been raised - for success on the playing field, for success in the classroom, for community partnerships, and for excellence in facilities. That march to the top pushed other universities to raise their own aspirations, always with Pittsburg State University as the model.

"The result is a conference that is one of the toughest and most balanced in the country. Whether it is in the MIAA or in other conferences across the U.S., Pittsburg State football is one of the programs other universities use to measure their own."

Broyles said he was proud of his record of achievement at PSU, of the success of student athletes who moved through the football program and of the many successful coaches who worked under him before moving on in the world of coaching.

The president said he wanted to ensure "the great PSU football tradition continues. Most importantly, we must also ensure that the interests of our student athletes continue to be addressed and that our efforts to prepare for next year move forward with minimal interruption."

In naming Beck acting head coach, Scott said he wanted to guarantee "that we have the leadership in place for the football program during this critical recruiting season. I have full confidence in Coach Beck, and I know he will provide the kind of leadership needed in the coming weeks."

President Scott also announced that in the coming fiscal year, the position of athletic director will become a full-time position, separate from the head coaching position.

"In this era of increasing pressures, complexities, and responsibilities for these two critical roles, I believe the student athletes, the athletic programs, and the university will be best served by having two individuals fill these positions," Scott said.

The president told the media representatives that although he understood they had "questions about the incident of November 24th with Coach Broyles," he would not add to his previously-released statements, except to announce that he has notified Coach Broyles that he will be placed on paid administrative leave from his duties as director of Intercollegiate Athletics "until such time as the incident of November 24th is fully resolved."

Until that time, Associate Athletic Director Russ Jewett will serve as acting athletic director.

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