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The Writing Center @ PSU's Inclement Weather Policy

How do I know if the Writing Center is open?

In case of inclement weather, the Writing Center opens and closes with PSU classes.  If the University is holding classes, we are open; if the University cancels all classes, we are closed.

If area school districts are closed, but the University does not cancel classes, we are still open. 

If University offices are open but Dr. Scott has announced that all classes are cancelled, then we are closed.

What happens if the Writing Center is closed all day?

If the University is closed or classes are canceled for the day, the Writing Center is also closed for the day. Appointments scheduled on a day when the University is closed, or classes are canceled all day will be canceled, but we will do our best to help you reschedule when the University reopens.

What happens if the University is on a delayed start on a day when I have an appointment?

If the University is on a delayed start, you will be contacted to  reschedule  (or worst-case, cancel) any appointment(s) that would have happened during the delay.  Appointments after the delay ends will occur as scheduled.

What if only afternoon or evening classes are cancelled?

If only afternoon or evening classes are cancelled (or if the weather gets so bad that it seems highly likely that afternoon and evening classes will be cancelled), you will be contacted by a Writing Center employee who will ask if your appointment can be done online by email. Appointments that can't be turned into online by email will be cancelled if classes are cancelled.