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Quality Matters

Quality MattersIn the spring of 2012, the CTLT subscribed to the Quality Matters program.  This subscription allows all Pitt State faculty access to the fully annotated QM rubric to support online and hybrid course design.  You can find the fully annotated rubric in GUS under the Academic Administration menu.  This rubric

Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components. Sponsored by MarylandOnline, Inc. Quality Matters has generated widespread interest and received national recognition for its peer-based approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement in online education. Originating from a FIPSE grant, Quality Matters is now a self-supporting organization offering institutional subscriptions and a range of fee-based services including Quality Matters-managed course reviews and an array of trainings.

QM at Pitt State

Currently, QM is being launched in conjunction with the eLearning Academy.  Yearly cohort members of the Academy participate in QM online training and use the fully annotated rubric to re-design their courses.  At the end of the cohort, each member submits his or her course to undergo an internal review process by PSU faculty who have completed QM peer review training.

Additionally, workshops will be held at the CTLT throughout the year regarding how faculty can make basic changes in their Canvas courses to meet the QM rubric standards.  These workshops are open to all faculty at Pitt State.

Learn More About QM

QM Website Resources

QM Online Student Bill of Rights Video

Official Quality Matters Certification

Dr. Kevin Bracker

Dr. Kevin Bracker, professor in the Economics, Finance & Banking department submitted his course to Quality Matters.  An official QM Review was conducted in the fall of 2013 and Dr. Bracker's course earned the seal of approval from QM.

Finance 326 - Business Finance is a QM certified course.

QM seal of approval