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iPad Project

In the fall of 2011, the Office of the Provost provided funding for an iPad pilot project.  Three faculty members had the opportunity to distribute a number of iPads to their students to use throughout the initial semester.  As of Spring 2016, a total of 65 faculty have participated in this project.

Each semester, faculty may apply to participate in this project.  The CTLT will email faculty each semester to inform them of how and when to apply to participate in this project.  Participants in this project are asked to provide a formal presentation to all faculty the following semester.

Below is a video of the most current presentations describing how these faculty integrated iPads into their classrooms. Archived presentations from previous semesters are located at the right.

Fall 2015

Faculty who participated in the iPad Project in the fall of 2015 shared their experiences on February 24, 2016 in the CTLT.

  • Julie Allison, Psychology & Counseling
  • Daniel Zurek, Biology
  • Tracy Rampy, Teaching & Leadership
  • Cheryl Giefer, Nursing
  • Jamie McDaniel, English