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eLearning Academy

In an effort to support the teaching and learning goals set forth in the PSU Strategic Plan, an eLearning Academy has become a vision of the Office of Academic Affairs and the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology.

The purpose of the eLearning Academy is to bring consistency to the process of online faculty development and the creation and delivery of online courses in order to assure quality online learning experiences. Initial implementation will be for fully online programs and online general education courses.

A faculty steering committee was formed and met during the summer of 2012 to address the growing need to assure quality online courses at Pittsburg State. The committee recommended the use of the Quality Matters rubric to help guide faculty in creating quality course content.

The CTLT has purchased a subscription to Quality Matters.  This subscription enables faculty access to the fully annotated rubric to aid in creation or re-design of quality online courses.  Faculty can access the full rubric by logging into GUS. The file can be found under Academic Administration>Course Management.

Each spring, faculty may apply to participate in the Academy by nominating a course to re-design to QM standards.  Yearly cohorts will participate in QM training, CTLT workshops, monthly meetings, and a peer review process.

PSU Quality Online Courses

The following courses have been peer reviewed by the PSU Peer Review team. Courses were evaluated using the Quality Matters rubric.  Review team members have successfully completed two online QM courses.

Course ID Course Title Course Developer
BIOL-617 Environmental Health Joe Arruda
FIN-326 Business Finance (QM Certified) Kevin Bracker
HHP-460 Kinesiology Mike Leiker
GT-350 Technology & Civilization Andy Klenke
NURS-320 Health Assessment Amy Hite
MATH-863 Seminar: Women in Math Cynthia Huffman
EDTH-868 Educational Technology Applications Liz Mascher
EDTH-805 Design & Production of Instructional Materials Michelle Hudiburg
READ-720 Content Literacy for Middle & Secondary Teachers Julie Samuels
ART-188 The Designed World Jamie Oliver
TCHL-850 Current Teaching Practices Charles Runyan
SPED-876 Teaching Young Children with Adaptive Learning Needs Marti York
ACCT-201 Financial Accounting Gail Yarick
HRD-596 Introduction to Human Resource Development Mark Johnson
ETECH-804 Quality: Management and Control Ronny Galloway
TCHL-854 Advanced Methods and Instructional Strategies for ELL Alice Sagehorn
MATH-133 Quantitative Reasoning Jeremy Wade
SPED-738 Characteristics of Students with Adaptive Learning Needs Ann George
CIS-130 Computer Information Systems Dwight Strong
SWK-375 Multiculturalism and Diversity Kristen Humphrey
HIST-102 World History from 1500 Kyle Thompson
NURS-895 Interpreting Research for Evidence Based Nursing Practice Kristi Frisbee

Official Quality Matters Certification

Dr. Kevin Bracker

Dr. Kevin Bracker, professor in the Economics, Finance & Banking department submitted his course to Quality Matters.  An official QM Review was conducted in the fall of 2013 and Dr. Bracker's course earned the seal of approval from QM.

Finance 326 - Business Finance is a QM certified course.

QM seal of approval

PSU Internal QM Peer Review

As part of the eLearning Academy, participants will have their course reviewed by our PSU Review Team.  The team is made up of our eLearning Academy steering committee and cohort members who have passed the QM Peer Review training course.

At this time, only courses developed via the eLearning Academy are being reviewed.  Additional review opportunities will be announced at a later date.