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Summer Break Study Abroad

A few of PSU's partner universities offer summer opportunities - you may study sustainable energy in Germany, wildlife biology in Finland, or take general education courses in Korea!

The application form can be acquired from the Study Abroad Coordinator in International Programs & Services. For more information contact the Study Abroad Coordinator. 

Program information is updated each February for the upcoming academic year.

Summer Exchange Options 


University Mayor - Intensive Spanish (Flyer)

Location: Santiago, Chile 
Dates: June 22 to July 17, 2015 
Tuition: ~$1,382 includes housing and meals

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Location: Dublin, Ireland- Non-Exchange
Dates: July 14-July 31, 2015
Tuition: Program fees are €2500 (Approximately $3165)

Programs Offered:
-International Architecture
-Sports and Exercise
-Summer Internship Program

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University of Jyväskylä: Jyväskylä Summer School in Human Sciences 

Location: Jyväskylä, Finland 
Dates: May 20 to June 14 in 4 one-week sessions
Application deadline: February 15
Tuition waived for PSU students 

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Brief description: 
The Jyväskylä Summer School in Human Sciences is composed of 14 interdisciplinary courses for advanced undergraduate and/or graduate students interested in e.g. art and culture studies, education, communication, psychology and management. Courses are taught in English. For more information visit the web site and view the brochures.

University of Oulu: Northern Nature and Environment Field Studies Courses

Location: Oulu and National Parks in Northern Finland
Dates: June  - August,  (may attend one session or all)
Application Deadline - March 1

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Brief description: 

    • 1. Field Course in Aquatic Animals (2 Credits) -  June 6-12 is the Field Studies Course at Oulanka National Park
      • Contents: Identification of the most important freshwater fishes and invertebrates. Demonstrations of the most frequently-used sampling methods.
      • Working methods: Summer: 6 h lectures in Oulu and 70 h of field work and demonstrations in Oulanka research station.
    • 2. Field Course in Ecological Botany (3 Credits) June 26 - July 9 is the Field Studies Course
      • Contents: Vegetation in the coast of Bothnian Bay (2 days) and basics of boreal forest and mire vegetation classification and types at Oulanka Research Station (8 days).
      • Working methods: Lectures 10 h, field demonstrations and exercises 70 h. Field exams for plant identification and mire ecology. Seminar, report.
      • Prerequisites: Course on Identification of Plant Species.
    • 3. Field Course in Terrestrial Animals (2 Credits) August 7-16
      • Contents: The fauna in different kinds of terrestrial habitats is studied using several ecological sampling and research methods. The course is held at the Oulanka Research Station, Kuusamo, and deals with identification and ecology of invertebrates, mammals (especially small mammals), gallinaceous birds and birds of prey. The exercises take place partly in the field and partly in the laboratory. Data gained during the course is analyzed. The results are reported (in PowerPoint) and presented in the final seminar in Kuusamo.
      • Working methods: 70 h demonstrations and practicals, one species and theory exam, seminar.



La Rochelle Business School

Location: La Rochelle, France
Dates: Session 1: June 3-28; Session 2: July 1-26; Session 3:August 5-23
Application Deadline: March 1 to PSU to be eligible for stipend

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Brief Description:
Programs are designed to help students deepen their knowledge of Business, Tourism, and Management in the European context. All courses are taught in English. Cost for PSU students, 1250 Euros per session for tuition and accommodation.



TU Bergakademie Freiberg: International Summer School on Sustainable Energy

Location: Freiberg, Germany 
Dates: May 21 to June 21
Application deadline: February 10

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Brief description:
For the eleventh time Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg in cooperation with "Verein Freunde und Förderer der TU Bergakademie Freiberg e.V." offers a five-week interdisciplinary summer course in sustainable energy technology. Students shall be acquainted with the most recent technological developments related to the use of sustainable energies as well as current widely-used technological solutions. Excursions to relevant companies and research institutions are an important part of the course. The course will be taught in English. In addition to the engineering course, German language classes are part of the programme. Those classes are supplemented by lectures on German history and culture which are given in English. The academic course will be accompanied by an extensive cultural program featuring weekend trips to Berlin and Prague, day trips to Dresden and the Freiberg mountain region as well as concerts, sports events and a day in a German family.

Europa University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder): Global Studies

Location: Frankfurt Oder
Dates: May 25 - July 4, 2015

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Brief Description:
The program includes two academic courses: 1. Introduction to Global Studies and 2. Post-Communist Transformation in Eastern Central Europe and the Eastern Enlargement of the European Union. Program also includes excursions to Berlin and Potsdam, and an optional excursion to Poland. The theme of the Summer Program 2015 is “Contact Zones in Central Europe.” This includes 120-hour intensive language courses Polish or German.

350€ for a language course (either German or Polish, academic course included)
250€ registration fee
450€ accommodation (approx..)
Transfer to Frankfurt Oder and back
500€ living expenses      


Hanyang University International Summer School

Location: Seoul, South Korea 
Dates: June 28 - July 25
Application deadline: March 1 - late applications can be accepted but students will not be eligible for stipends. 

Link to Website                 Link to Courses

Brief description:
The Hanyang International Summer School (HISS) is designed to provide participants with a better understanding of Korea and Northeast Asia in general. The HISS programs are structured to promote a better understanding for students through a variety of lectures and exciting activities. Lectures are offered in the areas of Korean studies, Korean language, Humanities/Language studies, International Business and Economics, International Relations, Science, Engineering, Journalism, Design/Fine Arts, Music, and Sports. For more information about the program visit the program link below.

Kyung Hee University: Kyung Hee Collaborative Summer Program 

Location: Seoul, Korea 
Dates: tba
Application deadline: March 1 - late applications can be accepted but students will not be eligible for stipends. 

Link to Website

Brief description: 
The Global Collaborative Summer Program is based on institutional agreements between Kyung Hee University and University of Pennsylvania and East Asia’s finest universities; Peking University in China, Ritsumeikan University in Japan, Moscow State University in Russia as well as the United Nations and Conference of NGOs(CONGO). Through high-quality research, education and diverse modules on Global Governance and East Asian Civilization, this program will present an opportunity for students around the world to come together for a better understanding of each other. Each year, students from more than 30 different countries join the program to experience the diverse cultures represented among the students and have opportunity to exchange opinions with global opinion leaders. Courses will be taught in English. Two tracks are available: 1. UN and NGO's, 2. Global Governance and East Asian Civilization. For more information visit the program link below. The Kyung Hee Program strives to promote better understanding of the East Asian region and the world, in conjunction with current quests for "multiculturalism" and "global trust." It integrates education, research and practice. The program offers 4 weeks of intensive sessions in which students can take a maximum of 2 courses. Click here for more information on the 2012 program.



University of Malta

Location: Msida and Valleta, Malta
Dates: June
Application deadline:  March 1 - late applications can be accepted but students will not be eligible for stipends.

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Brief Description:

Subjects offered include: Near Eastern Studies; Military Architecture of the Baroque Age; Underwater Archaeology, Caravaggio: Art and Knighthood, Military Architecture in Baroque Malta, and Mediterranean Coast: Threats and Opportunities (environmental issues)


Southern Taiwan University (STUT)

Location: Suburb of Tainan City, Taiwan
Dates: TBA
Application deadline: March 1 - late applications can be accepted but students will not be eligible for stipends.

Link to Website

Brief Description:
Two-week Chinese language camp. This program is designed to introduce Chinese language and Taiwanese culture to students who are interested in the beauties of Asia with the hope to enhance the cultural exchange and intercommunication between Southern Taiwan University and international students. Chinese courses are offered in the morning and in the afternoon there are many interesting cultural visits. There is also a two day and one night trip to the a famous tourist spot in the area.

*Program deadlines may come after the March 1st deadline for PSU. You will need to have begun your application with the study abroad advisor in International Programs & Services on or before March 1st in order to be eligible for a stipend, and approved by the PSU Study Abroad Committee to participate in the exchange program.


National Formosa University

Location: Huwei Township, Yulin County
Dates: June 28-July 6

Brief Description:

Non credit-bearing experience. Help out at a week-long English camp.

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