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PSU Study Abroad

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Study with Affiliate Companies

PSU is affiliated with study abroad organizations that provide programs to both PSU students and non-PSU students and has agreements with the following programs. Each program may provide extra scholarship opportunities or other advantages to PSU students:


21 countries, including Russia. Each PSU student enrolling in an AIFS semester program will receive a grant of $400, and those enrolling in a summer program will receive a grant of $200. Other scholarships available through AIFS.

Barcelona SAE

Study in Barcelona Spain. PSU students receive $250 off a semester program, $100 off a summer or January program, and $100 off an internship.


18 countries, many summer programs under $5000 and many semester programs under $10,000 (Hawaii would not count as study abroad). Each PSU student will receive a $250 discount on a semester program and $100 discount on a summer program.

Edge Hill University - England

Located in Lancashire, not far from Liverpool. PSU students receive a $500 discount on tuition.


30 countries. Each PSU student enrolling in an ISA program will receive a $200 discount. Other scholarships available through ISA.

Santa Reparata International School of Art

Study Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, and Design in Florence Italy. PSU students receive a 15% tuition discount for semester or  summer programs.

KU Study Abroad 

K-State Faculty-led study abroad programs