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Advising a Student Planning to Study Abroad

1. Planning ahead with the student

If your advisee mentions he/she is interested in Study Abroad, make sure you are clear with them about what classes they must take on campus. Also be careful in Degree Planning to provide flexibility for the semester that the student is planning to study abroad.
If the student has a program in mind, look together at courses that may be good to take and would be similar to Pittsburg State University courses. This will help the student as he/she works through the Credit Transfer process to have this matching.

2. Course Approval

Each student who will be participating in a individual study abroad program must complete the Course Credit Transfer form. This allows them to be registered in a place holding Study Abroad Course for the time they will be abroad.
The department chair of the department that would approve the course must decide how the courses that the student is planning to take abroad would transfer back to Pittsburg State. Hopefully, the student has already worked with their advisor to give chairs an idea of how they think it could transfer.

*Note to chairs: The students will have more courses approved than they will take during the semester abroad. This is to be prepared in case there are changes in course schedules, course cancellations, or closed courses when the student arrives at the program. *Also the courses can transfer back as specific courses in your department, as an elective in your department, as a general elective, as a special topics course, or however you see fit.
*Final approval of the course transfers will be done by the Assistant Registrar & Transcript Analyst, Barbara VanBecelaere. You can contact her or the study abroad coordinator with your questions about this process.

3. Participation in non-English exchange university programs

Each student who applies to a non-English exchange university for his or her study abroad experience must have a recommendation from the Modern Languages and Literatures department as part of their Step 1 application. The classes taken on exchange in English or another language are university courses. In non-English programs, exchange is NOT a language learning focused program. If there are questions about courses and course credit transfer when dealing with non-English exchanges, please contact the study abroad coordinator.

4. Student Questions

If one of your advisees shows interest in Study Abroad, have them contact the Study Abroad Coordinator in International Programs & Services, Whitesitt 118 or via email The Coordinator will be able to talk with them about the different options that PSU has to offer.