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GAB Exec 2017

Gorilla Activities Board Executive Board Members 2017-2018

PSU's Gorilla Activities Board is composed of five committees focused to bring entertainment and engaging programs to campus. For a schedule of this semester's events, click here. If you have any questions, stop by our office Room 110 on the first floor of the Overman Student Center, call our office phone at 620-235-4801, or shoot us an e-mail




The Club Entertainment Committee works to plan and execute contemporary and acoustic performances, facilitates the coffeehouse series, and hosts events that create a campus club atmosphere. The purpose of this chair is to showcase campus, community, and rising talent, as well as provide creative outlets for students.

The Club Entertainment Committee would love for you to join their committee and help put together these performance events as well as search for talent that GAB could showcase to the PSU community!


The Issues and Ideas Committee spreads messages of awareness and diversity through creative and interactive events. They form connections among the students of PSU and enhance their knowledge of issues relevant to the college community.

The Issues and Ideas Committee encourages you to join their committee and help plan and facilitate programs and events of awareness. You can learn a lot through this committee and it is a great experience that differs from other programs GAB puts together!


The Campus Community Committee provides a variety of interactive activities aimed at cultivating the campus community and bringing students together. This community also facilitates the Gorilla Activities Board's campus outreach initiatives and local community efforts.

The Campus Community Committee would love your help in putting together these events that help bring the campus closer together!


The Spotlight Committee manages the theatrical, cultural, and many of the large scale events that the Gorilla Activities Board brings to campus. They work to bring modern events that showcase unique talents and performances.

The Spotlight Committee welcomes anyone wishing to join their committee to help put together these events. We would love to see what ideas you have to help us create, plan, and facilitate these events!


The Marketing Committee serves as the face for Gorilla Activities Board  to our fellow students, organizations, and community. Their roles include, but are not limited to, managing the GAB social media, reaching out to campus and local media, communicating about our events to other organizations and the community, creating and designing creative advertisements to be uploaded to our social media/website and be handed out on campus, and helping with GAB recruitment efforts.

The Marketing Committee is always looking for new members to help come up with ideas on how to promote GAB events. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join!