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GAB Exec 2017

Gorilla Activities Board Executive Board Members 2017-2018

PSU's Gorilla Activities Board is composed of six committees focused to bring entertainment and excitement to campus. Some events we've brought to campus include concerts, group sex therapy, hypnotists, self defense courses, new release movies showings, and oval time events. Best of all? We bring it to you for FREE. To learn more information, shoot us an e-mail.


Board Of Directors  |  

The BOD is our overall governing system and consists of President, Vice-President of Membership, Vice-President of Operations, and Vice-President of Marketing.

Club Entertainment  |  

Meets and works with upcoming stars such as musicians and comedians.

Events: Hypnotists, Comedians, Opening Night, and Talent Tuesday.

Issues and Ideas  |  

Specializes in planning events that lead students to think about the world around them.

Events: Lectures, Awareness Events, Jungle of Oppression, and Instructional Classes.

Campus Stew   |  

Plans low budget crafts and events for PSU Students and the Pittsburg Community. 

Events: Safe Trick-or-Treat, Grocery Bingo, Apple Hunt, and Spring Fling.

Visual and Performing Arts   |   

Plans spectacle based performances that draw from various cultures and artistic abilities.

Events: U-Club Mini Theater Movie Series, Outdoor Movies, PSU Annual Drag Show, and Large Scale Performances.

Street Team Chair  |  

Creatively promotes GAB and recruits new members.  This individual leads a street team designed to interact with PSU students and get them engaged and "in the GAB!"

Programs: Activities Fair, Oval Times, Reaching out Programs.

Public Relations   |  

Builds and strengthens relationships between GAB and PSU Campus as well as the Pittsburg community through press releases and media ads. Oversees social media, website, and creative advertising.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat.