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Transfer Course Work

If you have made the decision to transfer in course work from another University/College to apply to the requirements for your program of study, it is your responsibility to verify that the course that you are taking is equivalent to the required Pittsburg State University course.  This can be done by checking the Transfer Equivalencies Guide on the Registrar's Home Page or by contacting Barbara Van Becelaere, Assistant Registrar for Transcript Analysis, 620/235-4253.

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Here are some facts about transfer work:

  • An official transcript showing the completed course(s) must be sent from that institution directly to the Registrar's Office at Pittsburg State University.  Faxed transcripts, transcripts sent by students, or hand delivered copies (unless presented in a college-sealed envelope) are not considered official transcripts.
  • Courses transferred from other 4 year institutions will be designated upper or lower division according to the original institution's numbering system.  Courses from 2 year institutions will be designated as lower division courses, regardless of the course number assigned as transfer credit.  Remedial courses do not transfer as degree credit
  • Care should be taken to avoid completing courses at a community college if the four-year-college-hours requirement (minimum of sixty hours from a four-year school for a baccalaureate degree) has or will not be met.
  • A maximum of six (6) semester hours of nonresident credit (correspondence courses, or work at another college or university) may be applied on the last thirty hours prior to graduation.

Any questions concerning transfer requirements may be directed to the Degree Checking Office,  620/235-4211,or to Barbara VanBecelaere at 620/235-4253.