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Graduation Requirements

To receive a baccalaureate degree* from Pittsburg State University, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  • A minimum of 124 credit hours must be completed.  The credit hours for courses that are considered pre-college level courses (see catalog course descriptions, e.g. MATH 017  "Not counted toward the total hours required for a degree")  will increase the minimum number of credit hours required.  For example, if MATH 017 is a three hour course and is completed, the minimum hours required for the degree will be 127  (124 + 3 hr. Math 017).
  • A minimum of 60 credit hours must be completed at a four-year school.  (Community Colleges are two-year institutions.)
  • A minimum of 45 credit hours must be completed at the upper division level (numbered 300 - 799).  These hours are junior/senior level courses which is why they cannot be earned at a community college (See Transfer Course Work).
  • To earn a baccalaureate degree from Pittsburg State University, a minimum of 30 hours must be completed in residency (at PSU).
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.000 must be attained to receive the baccalaureate degree.  Be aware that certain grade point averages may be required in specific areas as well:  e.g. certain degrees, major, minor, residency, teacher education general education core, teacher education admission, College of Business admission, etc.  For more information concerning specific grade point requirements, contact the Department of your major and the Degree Checking Office.
  • A maximum of six semester hours of nonresident credit (correspondence courses, or work at another college or university) may be applied on the last thirty hours prior to graduation.
  • The graduation fee of $55 must be paid before an undergraduate degree may be granted.

*Contact the Degree Checking Office with questions concerning requirements for Certificate of Completion and Associate's degrees.