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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a degree audit?

A degree audit lists all requirements to be met for the degree, major, and minor as selected by the student.  The degree audit is available on line through the GUS Web enrollment system, from your advisor, or from the Degree Checking (Certification) Office.

What is an official degree check, and how does the official degree check differ from an audit?

The use of the online GUS audit assists students (in consultation with their advisor) in monitoring their progress through the completion of the selected degree/major/emphasis/minor.  Students are asked to apply for the official degree check when the graduation term—‘Anticipated Graduation Date’—is within the current academic year (see information listed at the end of the GUS audit).

The GUS audit will display a prompt for students to apply for an Official Degree Check if they will be graduating during the semesters/term listed at the end of the audit.  If you are planning to graduate during any of those terms listed, follow that link and verify all information and make corrections, as needed, and submit the request

Upon receipt and acceptance of the request, the Degree Checking Office will send an approval e-mail to the student.   The student's permanent record and current enrollment will be examined in detail to assess progress toward the degree objective.  An official audit is sent to the student following the record analysis outlining specific requirements which must be met before the degree may be granted.  A copy of the official audit is sent to the student's advisor.

To ensure that you will be alerted to the appropriate time to file for the official degree check, please keep your ‘Anticipated Graduation Date’ (as discussed with your advisor) updated in your student record.  This date can be found by going to GUS Classic, selecting ‘Degree Information’, and viewing ‘Anticipated Graduation Date’.  If this date is incorrect, please return to your Home Page and select ‘Change Graduation Term’. The drop down box will allow you to select the appropriate term.

Why do I need an official degree check?

A degree cannot be granted without official application from a student.  After the application has been made and processed, a file is created for that student in which any information concerning the completion of the program of study is maintained.  It is from this student file that graduation progress is monitored and the diploma for the degree is ordered.

What information do I need to have to complete a request form for an official degree check?

The student will also be asked to verify or select: Degree (BS, BSE, BSET, etc)


                                                                         Emphasis/option, if required

                                                                         Minor, if required

                                                                         Diploma Name and mailing address

                                                                         Hometown city/state/country

A University catalog will also need to be selected.  The graduation date, as discussed with your advisor, will need to be determined before submitting the degree check request.

I am planning to complete two majors.  Can I also get two diplomas/degrees?

A student graduating with two majors receives only one degree.  The degree of the first major is listed on the diploma/transcript of record.

A second baccalaureate degree may be granted in a major area other than that in which the first baccalaureate degree was granted provided the student has met all requirements for the second baccalaureate degree, including not less than thirty (30) semester hours of Pittsburg State University undergraduate credit with a minimum grade point average of 2.000 after the first degree was granted.

Dual Degrees:  A student who earns a bachelor's degree from Pittsburg State University may be granted a second bachelor's degree in a major area/degree other than the first degree was granted provided the student has met all requirements for the second degree, including no fewer than thirty semester hours of Pittsburg State University credit beyond the number required for the first degree.  In cases where two (Dual) degrees will be awarded in the same semester, the student will designate which is to be his or her 'first degree' for purposes of this policy. (See University Catalog, Requirements for All Baccalaureate Degrees, # 15)  All Dual Degrees must be declared at the Degree Checking Office, 102 Russ Hall, two semesters prior to the awarding of the degrees.

What do I need to do if I'm planning to graduate at the end of a certain semester?

It is the responsibility of the student to verify his/her final enrollment at the beginning of the last semester.  This may be done on GUS, but it is suggested that the student stop by the Degree Checking Office to be certain all requirements are covered.

Approximately four weeks after the beginning of the final semester, a student will receive an e-mail through GUS mail indicating that either 1) you have been approved to apply for graduation, or 2) you must stop by the Degree Checking Office to verify remaining degree requirements and tentative graduation date.  View the links provided in the approval e-mail to complete the application for graduation.   [summer graduates apply at the same time as spring graduates, approximately late February].

A graduation fee is $55 (for undergraduate students) and is required for all graduating undergraduate students.