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Tuition and Fees (select semester): Spring | Summer | Fall

Schedule of Tuition and Fees for Fall 2017

TUITION AND FEE STATEMENTS will NOT be mailed unless requested by the student. Students may view their tuition through their GUS account by clicking on the Student Accounts link. See Tuition and Fee payments dates and procedures for additional information.  For additional information on creating a GUS account or receiving a paper fee statement contact the Registrar's Office at 620-235-4200.


Schedule of Tuition and Fees for Fall 2017.    


Resident Non-Resident
Undergraduate students enrolled in 10 hours or more $3550.00 $9076.00
Tuition and Fees per credit hour for undergraduates enrolled in 9 hours or less $251.00 $620.00
Graduate students enrolled in 9 hours or more $3972.00 $9155.00
Tuition and Fees per credit hour for graduate students enrolled in 8 hours or less $333.00


Students are expected to complete 77 credit hours over a bachelor's degree
       Tuition per credit hour     $473.00

Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP), Legacy and Gorilla Edge
150% Tuition Rate        Undergraduate  $4937.00

                                  Graduate          $5570.00

Per Credit Hour             Undergraduate  $343.50
                                   Graduate           $466.50

Summer tuition is the same as the above rates.  Summer tuition is billed per credit hour only.

Non-resident, part-time students enrolled in a degree program offered online or off-campus will pay the resident tuition rate.  All other non-resident students will pay the non-resident tuition rates for all courses.


An additional $36.00 per credit hour Distance Fee is applied to Continuing Studies
courses held an extended distance from campus. 


A media fee of $36.00 per credit hour is added to all on-line courses, hybrid courses and courses on the interactive distance learning network.


A course fee of $14.00 per credit hour in addition to the above listed tuition fee, will be charged for all courses taught through the College of Technology. The general education course GT 190 Introduction to Technological Systems, 2 hours, is excluded from the fee assessment. A maximum cap of $140.00 per student/per semester will be collected for the technology course fee.

Gorilla Advantage

Students from bordering counties of Missouri, Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas may qualify for Gorilla Advantage tuition rate which is tuition equal to in-state tuition and fees. For more information click on the following link about Gorilla Advantage

Beginning Fall 2013--Gorilla Edge
For students with a permanent residency in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, or Texas who are not a part of our Gorilla Advantage program, we are offering a reduced tuition plan beginning with the fall semester 2013.
More information about the plan is available at

Late Fee and Insufficient Fund Checks

Students who enroll (or re-enroll if canceled for non-payment of tuition and fees) after August 28, 2017 will be charged a late fee of $50.00. Students who have not paid tuition and fees by August 28, 2017 and who receive a deferment from the Financial Assistance Office for the payment of their tuition and fees will also be charged a fee of $50.00. Exception: Classes not scheduled to begin at the time of regular classes or enrollment delay due to university procedures as determined by the Registrar.

A $30.00 charge is made for all insufficient fund checks. This charge is in addition to the late fee charge.

Refund Policy

A student who withdraws from the university on or before August 28,2017 will be refunded full tuition and fees on request.

A student who withdraws from the university on or before September 28,2017 will be refunded one-half tuition and fees on request.

A student who withdraws from the university beginning September 29,2017  will not be refunded any tuition or fees.

Students may expect a delay of at least three weeks between the time they file for a refund and the receipt of the refund.

Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule

Financial Aid disbursements will be completed via GUS on the PSU web site ( for the Fall 2017 semester. Students receiving federal financial aid or scholarships must verify their enrollment through GUS.  Once the verification process is completed students will be able to view their financial aid awards on the "Student Account" within a few days. Students who pay fees by a paper loan check, scholarship or outside sponsorship (3rd Party) of any kind must report to the Office of Cashiers and Student Accounts, Room 112, Horace Mann to have their student accounts validated by the deadline. Failure to report to the Cashiers will result in cancellation of your enrollment.

Students will enroll in Direct Deposit for any refund or decline Direct Deposit when they complete  “Verification of Enrollment for Disbursement of Funds”in order for their financial assistance to be applied to their university charges. If a student declines Direct Deposit, a paper check will be issued in 10 days and mailed to the student’s permanent address.