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Welcome to the Degree Checking Office

(aka Degree Certification Office)

For Undergraduate degree-seeking students

Office hours:     Monday - Friday          8 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.            Room 102 Russ Hall

Phone: 620/235-4211              Fax: 620/235-4015             Email:

Students who have completed their 85th* credit hour, including their current enrollment, and who have determined their degree objective, need to to apply for an official degree check for the selected degree/major/emphasis/minor as directed at the end of the GUS audit.  This will ensure that the remaining two-to-four semesters of course work will complete the requirements of the chosen objective.

*Students pursuing a Certificate of Completion or an Associate degree in a technology area will file for an official check during the first semester of the the coordinator of the specific Technology area for further instruction.

*Students pursuing a Bachelor of Vocational-Technical Education degree, a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, or are transfer Nursing students, are encouraged to file for an official check after approximately 60 hours are completed. Contact the Degree Checking Office for information.

Graduate degree-seeking students

Please contact the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies...Phone 620/235-4223, Room 112 Russ Hall

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