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Choosing a University Catalog -- What Year Do I Choose?

When a student first enrolls in any college or university with nine hours or more, that student is placed in a specific catalog to follow to earn a degree.  This is the catalog that is currently in effect for that enrollment year.  The student then has 6 years from their first enrollment year to complete the program under that catalog.   A student does, however, have the option to move up to any subsequent catalog that is published.

A catalog is active for a period of six years.   For example, the 2016-2017 University catalog will expire the end of the 2022 summer session for students who take their first college course fall semester 2016 or before (Fall 2016 + 6 = Summer 2022).  Those students who take their first college course after fall 2016 will have six years to complete their degree under the 2016-2017 University catalog  (e.g. Fall 2018 + 6 = Fall 2024).

A major or minor must be legislated in a catalog in order for the student to complete the program under that given catalog.  A student must choose the same catalog in which to complete a major, minor, and all general education requirements. 

Any questions concerning the University catalog may be directed to the Degree Checking Office (235-4211).