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Changes to Program Requirements

Program requirements are commonly divided into three areas:  1) General Education Requirements, 2) Major/Emphasis requirements, and 3) Minor requirements.

1. Any changes made to the stated General Education requirements for your area of study must be approved by the Dean of your college. Your advisor or department chair may recommend a substitution for a General Education course, etc. This request must be initiated in the Registrar's Office. Barbara VanBecelaere, Transcript Analyst, receives these requests and forwards them to the appropriate Dean for approval. The approval/non approval information is then sent ot the Degree Checking Office (DCO) for posting in your file.

2. Any changes made to the Major/Emphasis/Option requirements may be recommended by your advisor, but the request must be approved and signed by the Chair of the Department of your major.  This approval is then forwarded to the Degree Checking Office.

3. The Chair of the Department that offers the minor that you are pursuing must approve any changes in the Minor requirements. That approval is then forwarded to the Degree Checking Office.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Any changes to program requirements are not complete until the proper approval is sent to the Degree Checking Office and posted to your file.   You may call the DCO (620/235-4211) to check on the status of your request.